Welcome to the official Team Streams donation page for the 2021 Conservation Games.


Team Streams is competing to help Capital Region Land Conservancy protect our region's waterways! Help us win the most points in the 2021 Conservation Games by joining in the fundraising competition, in addition to free events and more!



Why Team Streams?

Water is life. From the land serving as rain catchment areas for underground aquifers, to streams and river habitat, to the health of the Chesapeake Bay, we know that everything comes back to water. Aquatic ecosystems serve as habitat for countless species of plants and animals, and they help store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through "blue" carbon sequestration. For humans, our waterways provide drinking water, irrigation, transportation, recreation, and an unrivaled sense of peace and connection to the natural world.


At Team Streams, we see an inseparable connection between how we treat our land and the quality of our water. One of the biggest issues facing Virginia's waterways is non-point source pollution (i.e., not from a pipe or other discrete discharge point) such as run-off from our region's farms, impervious surfaces, and construction sites. In advocating for the protection of waterways, we emphasize the importance of protecting or creating riparian buffers: areas of vegetation between land and water that reduce the risk of run-off harming waterways.


Projects like Dock Street, which secured new public riverfront access, or Deep Bottom, which protected 1.3 miles of frontage along Four Mile Creek and 22 acres of wetlands, would not be possible without our community's support of streams! Help us build Team Streams by inviting your family, friends, and colleagues to participate!


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