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Donations of any amount help us reach our goal. Donations of $1,200 or more per student are suggested. Or if you can afford to give more, make a bigger impact and join our Leadership Circle with a gift of $3,000 and above.


Note, when you select a dollar amount below, this is the amount you will be charged when you hit submit. It is NOT the total amount for a recurring donation.

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  • $3,000 (Leadership Circle)
  • $1,200 (suggested per student)
  • $100
  • Other $

Monthly Giving. Just $100 per month for 12 months will result in a donation to CAF in the amount of $1200 -- the suggested ask per student. If you'd like to give monthly, indicate the monthly amount above and the number of months you wish to give such amount below. For example, if you would like to give a total of $1200 over 12 months, you would select $100 above (not $1200) and enter 12 months below.


Annual Giving. If you'd like to schedule your donation for your student's time at Carlmont, give annually. To do so, select the amount you would like to give each year above and the number of years below.

Number of Months or Years for Recurring Donation

Employer Matching

Please consider asking your employer to match your gift to CAF. If you're not sure about how to solicit a matching donation from your employer or even whether your employer offers matching gifts, look your employer up on Double the Donation.

My employer matches and

For BTI Families!

CAF is excited to announce that it has partnered with the BTI Development Fund (a group of parents with students in the BTI program at Carlmont) to facilitate their ability to raise funds for the unique expenses associated with a program like BTI.


If you are a family with a student in the BTI program or anticipate having a student in the BTI program in the future and would like to support BTI, consider allocating a percentage of the amount you noted above to the BTI Development Fund. For example, if you noted above that you would like to donate $1200 to CAF, you can indicate below that you would like 25% of that to go to the BTI Development Fund by choosing 25%.


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CAF encourages you to make your donation usimg an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account to save the 2.6% credit card fee CAF incurs.  That's a savings of approx. $30 for a $1,200 donation and $78 for a $3,000 donation!

After you complete this form, select Submit to enter your payment details into our secure transaction processor. Your submission will be processed when you finalize your payment information.
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