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  1. Raise funds for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and not do anything to bring the charity into disrepute.
  2. Collect and pay in all donations within 60 days of my fundraising activity.
  3. Obtain approval from the charity before using the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund name, logo or description on any materials prior to printing and distribution.
  4. Ensure all materials include the text: Registered charity no.1148359.
  5. Not carry out collections, lotteries or raffles without the necessary licences and permissions.
  6. Return any unused materials to the charity.
  7. Obtain any necessary public liability insurance.
  8. Ensure all prizes, including those for auctions or raffles, are donated.

I, the fundraiser, agree to raise money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund through the methods outlined above. I accept responsibility for the money pledged and will forward the whole amount to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, along with any materials borrowed from the charity. I will do everything I can to collect the money raised and send it to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund as soon as possible. I understand the time commitments involved in fundraising. I absolve Children’s Heart Surgery Fund from any loss or injury incurred.


Please use the Additional Comments box below to let us know if you need any of the following materials:

  • Sponsor forms
  • Collection tins
  • Leaflets about the charity
  • Copies of the latest BraveHearts magazine
  • Blank posters
  • Disposable banners
  • Balloons
  • Tabards (loan only)
  • Adult t-shirts (sizes S, M, L or XL)
  • Child t-shirts (sizes S, M, L or XL)


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