Working for Our Father Series

The Working for Our Father series is designed to assist baptized Christians in integrating their work life into their Christian faith.

Written and produced to impact all age groups, particularly the next generation, this series utilizes professionally-developed, engaging videos that have captured the imagination of attendees, opening up to them a world of possibilities in working for their Father by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Working for Our Father shows how Christians can align their careers with God’s mission. It can be jointly presented to men and women. It can also be done in either one four-hour session or over four separate gatherings.

There are four presentations:

  • Accepting the Father's Gift of Work
  • Triumphing Over Toil, Trials, and Temptations
  • Aligning Your Career to God’s Mission
  • Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit


Join with us now in our mission to encourage and equip Christians to be God’s presence in the workplace by the power of the Holy Spirit, exercising faith, integrity, and excellence.  

Keep us in prayer as we reach out to others and develop new, high quality materials.  Hundreds of men and women like you fund this work.

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"That he may teach me stewardship of the time, talents, money and possessions you have given me. A stewardship that serves, is generous, and brings honor to your name." (CIC Prayer)


Why Make a Commitment? As a member-sustained ministry, CIC is only kept alive by your support of our Father's work in the U.S. and Uganda. Would you prayerfully consider making a new pledge or increasing your gift from last year? Even a small increase brings us closer to achieving our initiatives!


Christians in Commerce International is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Our Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is 41-1652035. 

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