Help our Haitian Friends go BACK TO SCHOOL

It starts with a student...and holds the promise of impacting a nation.



Your sponsorship of a Haitian student offers the promise of an education - and so much more. In addition to giving a student the opportunity to attend school, your support transforms a family, who no longer has to worry about how to afford tuition, uniforms, books, healthcare checkups and a healthy meal, every school day.  Every CCH student sponsorship also transforms the school, filling it with students who are eager to learn and teachers who are mentored and supported. 


CCH Student Sponsorships infuse the entire community with hope and possibility, because the future of that community is inextricably linked to the future of its students and families.  


And Remember: The first 25 NEW sponsorships secured in the next two weeks will be MATCHED ONE-FOR-ONE by CCH Board and Staff. That's double the impact! Double the possibility of kids enrolled in school and getting a quality education that they'll use for the rest of their lives!


A Student Sponsorship starts with a single student - but its impacts reach much further. Your decision to become a Sponsor puts all that in motion. Please become a CCH Student Sponsor today. 


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  • Sponsor one student for $30 per month
  • Sponsor one student for $360 for the year
  • Sponsor two students for $60 per month
  • Sponsor two students for $720 per year
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