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Copper Mountain College Students Rely on You to Succeed


Have you ever had that instant in your life when your life changed? That defining moment? An experience, an event, an instant when your path in life took a turn? What precipitated that event or experience?


Your generosity to Copper Mountain College Foundation has made those moments real. You made the moment real for Aaron, Shawna and Andrew the year they traveled to Haiti with the CMC Service Club to deliver laptops and show the teachers how to use them effectively in their classrooms.


You made the moment real for Eva and Sierra when they experienced St. Louis while attending the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Symposium with 500 other students from community colleges across the country. You made the moment real for Charlotte, Steven and Katie-Lynn when they were chosen as the Student Editors of the Howl, Vol. 18.


You made the moment real for Tim when he was awarded a full-ride Greenleaf Scholarship. You certainly made the moment real for Margie, Tim’s mom when you renewed her faith in humanity this past spring.


With state apportionments barely covering the expenses of running Copper Mountain College, our current CMC budget is 76% salaries and benefits with nearly 23% in operating costs. That doesn’t leave much for those things that make college a defining moment in life. That doesn’t leave much for those opportunities to grow outside of the classroom, those opportunities to make friendships and build networks that last a lifetime, those opportunities to explore new paths and try new things.


Yet, you make those moments real. Your gifts to Copper Mountain College Foundation allow art students to test a new medium, allow the student government to run for and hold regional offices, allow physics students the chance to make a weather balloon and send it aloft.


We need your help throughout 2019 to define more moments for our students. Please consider a gift and please consider how you can make more moments throughout the year.


If you wish to provide a donor designated gift, you may specify your giving choice below or feel free to choose "College Priorities" and your gift will be used where it can do the most good.  CMC Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity, #95-3778234, and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors, staff and students, thank you for each defining moment that happens at CMC.

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