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We would like to keep in touch with you to let you know about how your membership, donations, volunteering and involvement are changing lives. Please let us know what you are happy to receive:

Please note that should we have a specific query regarding your donation, gift aid status or volunteering we reserve the right to be able to contact you, even if you do not elect to receive any of the above communications.

Survey Questions

1. Which areas of our work are you interested in supporting? Please tick all that apply
  • The Wild Goose Drop-In Centre
  • The LIFE Recovery Project
  • The East Bristol Foodbank
  • The Spring of Hope Women's Night Shelter
  • Support services for vulnerable and homeless women
  • Support for services for vulnerable and homeless men
  • Addiction recovery courses and support groups
  • Future accommodation initiatives
  • Future developments of the charity
2. Please tell us why you support/are interested in Crisis Centre Ministries. Please tick all that apply.
  • I believe in the work that you do
  • I support your Christian ethos
  • I support local rather than national charities
  • I particularly support one of your projects
  • My church supports you
  • My company supports you
  • Because of the current issue of homelessness
3. How did you hear about Crisis Centre Ministries?
  • Through my church
  • Your website
  • Your Streetwise newsletter
  • A friend/relative recommended you
  • Through one of your projects
  • Through your email newsletter
  • Met one of your staff/volunteers
  • Search engine
  • I used to be a service user
  • Heard a talk about Crisis Centre Ministries

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