Funk Out on Zoom in MAY

(start time 7pm)

Join DanceSyndrome for our evening Funk Out on Zoom in May!


At the end of a busy day, Funk Out with Dave and Helen - a 30 minute dance workout session that will help you end the day the right way!


Our trained dancers, both with and without learning disabilities, work alongside each other to offer these dance workshops for people with and without learning disabilities.


TO BOOK THIS DANCE SESSION in MAY: please complete the form below and we will email you the login details for Zoom.


For safeguarding reasons, please ensure that the name given below is the name of the person participating in the session and that the same name is used on screen in Zoom. Please contact us at if this is a problem.


Our sessions are designed with adults of all abilities in mind, but we understand that some younger people may want to join in too.

If you are signing up for someone under 16, please provide their Date of Birth in the booking form below. We also ask that there is an adult in the room while they participate to ensure that the young person is dancing safely (you don't need to be on the video screen). You will receive a copy of our risk assessment with more information on the confirmation email.  



Funk Out in May

18th May


To book Funk Out sessions in June, please use this link:



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