The Can Do! Education Foundation

 Supporting our schools is as easy as 1-2-3! 


Option 1:  One and Done

Make a one time payment today!

  • Select the $600, $1,200, or $1,800 donation amount from the Gift Information menu below or enter any other donation amount in the "other field"
  • Select "one time payment" under Donation Frequency


Option 2:  Set it and Forget It!

 Schedule a monthly donation amount with NO expiration date. 

  • Enter your desired monthly donation amount in the "other" field
  • Select "recurring" under Donation Frequency.  

Payments can be stopped at any time by calling our office.  


Option 3:  Divide and Conquer 


Divide your donation into equal manageable monthly installments.   

  • Divide your total donation amount by 2, 3 or even 10 months - this will be your monthly installment amount. 


Please read the below instructions carefully!


Step 1:  Calculate your monthly payment by dividing your total annual donation by the number of months.  

Step 2:  Enter this monthly installment amount in the "other" field
For example:  A $1,200 donation paid over 10 months, would be monthly installments of $120 per month.  
IMPORTANT - If you are using this option, ONLY enter the monthly installment amount in the "other" field.  The amount entered in this field will be charged to your credit card immediately.
Step 3: Select "recurring" under Donation Frequency (
Step 4:  Enter the "stop date" - this is the last date the payment will be charged to your account.  Note - The date format requires a two digit month,a two digit day and a our digit year.  Ex:  06/01/2018

Gift Information

Donation Amount*
  • $ 600.00 (one child)
  • $1,200.00 (two children)
  • $1,800.00 (three children)
  • Other $
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Your Information

Please enter the primary parents' name in the fields below. 


 For parents who have the same last name, please enter the names as follows:

First Name:  John and Jane

Last Name:  Smith


For parents who are married but have different last names, please enter the names as follows:

First Name:  John Smith and

Last Name:  Jane Doe

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Please review your donation selections carefully below.

The amount you see will be charged to your credit card NOW. 


If it's not correct, please scroll back up and review your payment

selections and/or monthly installment amount.  


Thank you for your support!

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