General Information

Where and When: June 25-29, 2018 | 2121 University Ave, Rocklin, CA 95765


(Volunteer Meeting: June 24 at 9:00 am | 2121 University Ave, Rocklin, CA 95765


Bike Program: iCan Shine is a nonprofit organization that teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle through its’ iCan Bike program.


Volunteers work directly with the riders as a “spotter”. Spotters should be physically fit and able to run alongside the rider as well as support them should they begin to fall. Be a “spotter” for the same rider for each of the 5 days and experience the thrill of giving the gift of riding a bike! 75 invigorating minutes per day… it just may be the most rewarding exercise and emotional experience you’ve ever had!


Volunteer Requirements:

  • At least 16 years old (unless accompanied by an adult)
  • Able to attend 90 minutes at the same time each of the 5 days of camp (15 minutes of training/daily debriefing) - Ideally, we would love for you to volunteer all five days, but if you can only do a few, please still consider! Just leave us a note in the notes section!
  • Able to provide physical, emotional and motivational support to assigned rider
  • Able and willing to get some exercise (light jogging/running) for a great cause!

As a Spotter, you will: Walk/jog/run alongside a rider as they are learning to ride a bike during a 75-minute session (with short breaks) for 5 days Monday through Friday. You will provide encouragement and physical support, as needed.


Please place an “X” in the box below indicating your highest level of fitness:



Please make a selection indicating your highest level of fitness:*
  • I can jog at a moderate pace for one hour with short breaks
  • I can walk fast for one hour with short breaks
  • I can walk steadily for one hour with short breaks
  • I cannot walk steadily for one hour with short breaks

Volunteer Availability

NOTE: Volunteer spotters will walk/jog approximately 3 miles during EACH 75-minute session so please keep this in mind if volunteering for multiple sessions.


We ask volunteers to commit to attending all 5 days of camp for the session(s) you select. Riders bond with their assigned volunteers and rely on the same person to be there to support them each day of camp.


Please make a selection indicating the 75-minute session(s) for which you would like to volunteer :

Sessions Available*
  • Session 1: 8:30-9:45
  • Session 2: 10:05-11:20
  • Session 3: 11:40-12:55
  • Session 4: 2:00-3:15
  • Session 5: 3:35-4:50

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You will be required to sign this release at the Volunteer Meeting. Thank you! 

Volunteer Liability Release

Volunteer Name:



By signing, I hereby expressly acknowledge that biking, like many sports such as swimming, golf, soccer, and gymnastics involves movement and physical activity, and that injury or mishap are possibilities in spite of all reasonable safeguards and precautions taken. Further, I hereby expressly acknowledge that photographs and/or videos of me may be taken by parties outside the control of iCan Shine in connection with participating in this program. I acknowledge that iCan Shine has limited or no control over such activities of third parties and has no control over any editing and/or use of such photos and/or video footage. I accept such risks as reasonable and proper, and agree to hold harmless the officers, principals, staff and volunteers of Down Syndrome Information Alliance, iCan Shine, Inc., and Rainbow Trainers, Inc. should injury or mishap occur in this regard.


I give permission to be photographed and/or videotaped in print or electronic media by iCan Shine or third parties acting on behalf of iCan Shine. I acknowledge and agree that photographs and videos may be edited and used in whole or in part as desired for the purpose, which may be produced, duplicated, distributed and used for informational, promotional or other public purposes. I understand that photographs and video are not my property and there will be no compensation to me.


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