Welcome to DCGP's new online garden plot sign up! 


If you have questions about a garden plot or the Wait List, please call us at 722-4583 or email garden@duluthcommunitygarden.org.


Garden Plot Purchase Form Directions: 


1. Click on the name of your garden. This will take you to a new tab, where a map of the garden will appear. Find a your plot and remember its number. 


2. Select the Plot Number from the drop down menu next to the Garden Space you would like to rent at. 


3. Using the table, figure out the plot fee you will pay. 


4. Please tell DCGP if you would like your garden tilled.  


5. Enter your contact information.


6. Fill out the Gardener Survey.


7. Read Gardener Expectations.


8. Enter payment information. 


Add any additional comments and submit!


Happy Gardening! 


If your garden scored less than 1.5 on the Garden Productivity Scoring in 2016, DCGP will be contacting you to ensure you have the correct resources to make your garden more productive.

2. Garden Plot Selection

3. Plot Fee Determination

The prices for this year will be (based on a 6 month growing season):

($3/month)   $60.00 ($10/month)  $100.00 ($16/month)


Find your household size, then follow across and find your annual household income range on that same line. Follow the column down to find your plot fee on the sliding fee scale.


Note: DCGP's mission is to make gardening on land as accessible as possible. In order to make this a reality we subsidize our plot rentals heavily. The maintenance of each plots costs DCGP over $200. Because of this cost and since our prices have not risen in many years, it was decided this year to increase our prices a bit. In order to keep plot fees affordable for our low-income gardeners, we are including the option to sponsor a garden plot by making a donation with your plot fee. (If you are able to pay $200 for your plot, we would greatly appreciate a full covering donation which equates to roughly $33/growing month.)




The Duluth Community Garden Program never turns any gardener away due to inability to pay. Please talk to program staff (218 722 4583) if the plot fee is a barrier to your participation.

Donation Amount*
  • $20
  • $60
  • $100
  • $200
  • Other $

4. Tilling

The Duluth Community Garden Program can till your garden plot! 


Please either select YES or NO from the option below. If you select YES, DCGP will send you a follow up form via email to schedule and pay for your tilling. 


Tilling fees are either $10, $20, or $30. Please determine your fee using this table. 

5. Contact Information

State / Province*
Confirm Email*

6. Gardener Survey

The Duluth Community Garden Program collects demographic information from gardeners to ensure that we are serving all people well and to use in grant reporting. 

How many people are in your household (including yourself)?
Including yourself, how many members of your household are age 50 or older?
Including yourself, how many members of your household are under the age of 18?
What is your primary mode of transportation to the garden?
  • Personal Vehicle (car/truck)
  • Walking
  • Bus
  • Bike
  • Other
What is your ethnicity?
What is your primary language?
What is your age?
How many years have you been involved with DCGP?
How many seasons of gardening experience do you have? (it’s okay to say “none”!)

7. Gardener Expectations

  • Plot fees include membership in the Duluth Community Garden Program and access to resources such as garden tools, a resource library, and food preservation equipment as described in the “DCGP Expectations” document. 
  • I will attend a garden site orientation meeting with my site coordinator and fellow gardeners at the start of the season (you will receive information about time and location of your meeting in the spring).
  • I will plant my garden by June 20, 2017. I will keep my garden free of weeds. Gardens that aren’t planted by June 20 or not maintained throughout the season will be reclaimed by DCGP and reassigned or planted with a cover crop to enrich the soil and inhibit the growth of weeds.
  • I will clean up my garden by November 15, 2017. Gardeners who do not clean their plots by November 1 will be assigned plots for the 2017 garden season after all waiting list gardeners, or may not be invited back.  Clean up requirements are described in the 2016 Garden Expectations document that you will receive with this contract.
  • I will participate in at least one work bee at my garden site during the season, and will complete at least 3 hours of volunteer work during the year (work bee participation can count towards these 3 hours).
  • I will use organic gardening methods to improve the quality of soil at my plot. I understand that DCGP prohibits the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which diminish the health of the soil.
  • I will not build non-removable structures or plant trees or shrubs in my garden plot. 


I have carefully reviewed the “DCGP Expectations” document, understand what I can expect from the program, and agree to fulfill the expectations the program has of me to the best of my ability.


I understand that DCGP is not responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, thefts, or other damages.


By submitting this form and purchasing a DCGP garden plot, I agree to all above statements.

8. Payment Information

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