Help Save the Doljanka River in the Blue Heart of Europe Today!


Petition to:

  • Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

  • Director of the Energy Community, Janez Kopac, and

  • Sole investor, former NBA player, and a Doljanka river native, Mirza Teletovic


We the undersigned ask you to cancel the environmental permit based on the flawed environmental impact study and to stop construction of the hydropower plant “MHE Zlate” on the Doljanka river in Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina!


Over 100,000 people have already signed a petition to protect the rivers in the Blue Heart of Europe. The Doljanka is one of these rivers. Yet as you read, five large excavators are destroying the river bed of Doljanka just as the endemic and endangered trout “glavatica” is in the middle of the trout spawn season.  This type of hydropower plant uses massive 1.8-meter diameter pipes installed below the river bed, at a pace of 20-30 meters a day, all of which over three kilometers of the river flow, completely destroying all life in the river.  


The local community was not adequately involved in the process of obtaining a "permit", nor did a proper environmental impact study take place. The study that was completed found that “there would be no damage to the environment”, which is a farce given the photos from the construction site in the past days.

What is happening on Doljanka directly violates all laws and regulations designed to protect the last wild rivers left in Europe.


We the undersigned appeal to you as responsible European officials committed to the preservation of Bosnia’s natural environment both now and for future generations, to initiate immediately a dispute settlement case to ensure proper implementation of the Federation BiH and Energy Community laws to prevent further harm to the Doljanka and set a precedent to protect the other wild rivers of the Blue Heart of Europe.






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