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  • GED Tutor
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Photo Release

I understand that I may be photographed during the course of any volunteer activity. I grant full and unlimited permission to TEEM, and its agents and affiliates, to use my name, photographs, or any other record of participation in volunteer activities in any broadcast, telecast, or other account of the activity for publicity purposes, without compensation, by agreeing here.


Volunteer Agreement

As a volunteer for The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM), I agree to act within the scope of my responsibilities and abide by the all program policies and procedures as specified in, but not limited to the following: volunteer job descriptions, handbooks, manuals, and other guidance.



  • I agree to attend initial and update training programs as required.


  • I agree to respect the confidentiality of staff and students and to exercise good faith and integrity in performing my duties as a TEEM volunteer.


  • I understand that a breach of this agreement will result in the termination of my volunteer service and may subject me to liability for harm that I cause to TEEM .


  • I declare that the information provided  and statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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