Improve your golf game experience:


Take a bad shot? Put the ball back on the tee (or more common set the ball back down on the green) and try again with the purchase of a set of Mulligans.

  • 1 Mulligan for $10
  • 2 Mulligans and a Throw for $25


A fairway tee provides its users a competitive advantage over the competition. Any golfer who purchases a Fairway Tee is entitled to use each tee once- to tee up his or her ball in the fairway (or the rough) – giving them a significant edge.

  • 1 for $10
  • 3 for $25


The player who purchases a putting string may claim that a putt that had been missed within the length of the string (12 inches) was actually made.

  • 1 for $10
  • 3 for $25


If you would like to make multiple purchases, please list the items in the "comment" section and the total of those items in the "other" option.

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  • One Mulligan, Tee or String
  • Two Mulligans and a Throw
  • Three Fairway Tees
  • Three 12 in. Putting Strings
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