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If the Volunteer is a Minor

Please complete this section if the primary volunteer is less than 18 years old.  Fellowship Square policies require that a parent or other adult accompanies and volunteers alongside any volunteer under 18 years old at all times. Please note that all communication will be with both the minor volunteer and his / her parent or guardian.  

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Thank you for offering to volunteer with Fellowship Square.  By submitting the information on this form, you attest to the following:1) The facts contained herein are true and complete to the best of myknowledge. 2) I have read and understand the Volunteer Guidelines and Volunteer Acceptance, Release and Waiver of Liability documents as provided on the Fellowship Square website, and agree to abide by them. 3) I understand that false statements or omissions, or failure to adhere to these conditions shall be grounds for dismissal from the Fellowship Square Volunteer Program.


If you have any concerns, please email Diane at dbeatley@fellowshipsquare.org.


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