Launched in the fall of 2016, First State Squash (FSS) is a Wilmington, Delaware after school academic and athletic urban youth development program. Based at the Central YMCA, First State Squash's most important measurable goals are to have a transformative impact on the educational trajectory of Wilmington's urban youth and empower its team members to reach their potential as students, athletes and engaged citizens. Guided by an "inch wide, mile deep" philosophy of youth programming, First State Squash currently has 15  6th though 8th grade students, and each following year will add up to 15 students, engaging them in intensive, year-round programming through high school and college.


First State Squash launched in partnership with the Squash + Education Alliance (SEA) — formerly the National Urban Squash & Education Association (NUSEA) — the governing body and umbrella organization for 21 accredited urban squash programs in the United States. Each First State Squash student participates in two weekday afternoon practices at the Central YMCA – with one hour of academic tutoring and one hour of squash each session – and one weekend practice or team match. Over the course of the year, team members will participate in community service activities and travel throughout Delaware and beyond. The program is partnered with A.I. du Pont Middle School, Thomas Edison Charter School and as fall 2017, Freire Charter School Wilmingon.  First State Squash is led by Executive Director Serena Carbonell, a Wilmington area native who overseas the day-to-day operations and coaches the urban squash team.




    Todd Anderson        Garrett Moritz        Bob Bolling        James Zug

Co-Chair/Treasurer         Co-Chair              President           Secretary



Ed Chilton    Cory Plumb    W. Scott Simonton    Aubree Wellons     Tim Wyant


Advisory Board

Deborah Bagatta-Bowles    Josephine Bayard    Tina Betz    Chris Buccini    

Ray Chan-A-Sue     Steven R. Director    Renee & Alex Garnick    Steve Gregg    

Buzz Hannum Jr.    Dave Henninger    Doug Herrmann    Jamie McConnel    

Kristen & Adam Poff    Laura Rossi    John Osborn    Chip Sawyer    

Laurisa Schutt    Ethan Townsend    Rod Ward    John Wellons    Jack Wyant

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