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Photo and Video Permission

Foundation for Peace uses photos and videos taken on mission trips, usually by trip participants, in communication and fundraising materials like the website, email newsletters, fundraising campaigns, slide shows, recruitment campaigns and other activities to share our story with supporters and the public, recruit participants, and fundraise.

I have read the above information and hereby give Foundation for Peace permission to publish my photo and other image in communication and fundraising materials as I have indicated below. 

By selecting one of the following, I confirm I have read and agree to all statements above.

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Code of Conduct


As we prepare for our mission trip, please remember that regardless of the tasks to be done, a servant's attitude is the most important asset team members can possess.

While on the trip, we represent our family, community, country, church or organization, and our beliefs. It is important that our behavior and words demonstrate our compassion, desire to serve and willingness to be flexible in changing circumstances (just as the people we serve must deal with difficult situations daily). A humble, hard-working, servant-like attitude will help us effectively minister to others and accept their ministering to us.

These trips lead to life-changing experiences. During your pre-trip preparation and the actual mission trip, each person is asked to strive to be a support and encouragement to their team members as well as the people with whom they serve.

All trip participants are expected to follow these policies:

  • Attend all trip preparation meetings, except due to sickness or personal emergencies.
  • Do not use tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or abusive drugs while on the trip.
  • Maintain a healthy, honorable and caring lifestyle, in your words and conduct.
  • Be flexible, understanding that the team will make the best of whatever challenges may arise.
  • Demonstrate modesty in dressing with minimal or no jewelry. Attire should be appropriate for the time and place of event. Follow guidelines set in the dress code.
  • Be courteous and respectful of those whom we are serving and to other members of the group. Refrain from gossip and petty criticism of others.
  • Remain with the group, arrive on time to each activity and participate in all planned activities. No one is to leave the site of group activities without permission from a group leader. If permission is granted, at least one adult (>21 years), must be in the group.
  • Respectfully follow the directions of the mission trip leadership.
  • Avoid entering the sleeping or dressing quarters of a person of the opposite sex.
  • Refrain from intimate/romantic relationships during the trip.
  • Always be considerate of different customs in the local culture (e.g. do not use or tolerate foul language, jokes or gestures).
  • Do not use electronic equipment (e.g. ipod, MP3 player, games on phone) except for on the plane or in your sleeping quarters at bedtime.
  • Help supervise the behavior and whereabouts of children on the mission team.
  • Be respectful of the property of others, especially items in the group housing location.
  • I understand that if I cause any damage, I and/or my parent/guardian may be held responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.

I vow to keep myself in compliance with the policies listed above and I pledge to do my part on the mission trip to the best of my ability in spirit, mind, and body.


By entering my name here, I confirm I have read and will follow all the statements above.

Signature -- Enter full name here:*


Waiver of Liability

This must be read and signed by an adult, 18+ years old. Younger participants must have a parent or legal guardian sign this.

Disclosure of risk and WAIVER OF CLAIMS associated with Short-Term Mission Trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Kenya.

Agreement to hold-harmless and to release from all responsibility principals, directors, officers, agents, team leaders, staff of Foundation for Peace, all sponsoring churches and other sponsoring entities (hereinafter "THE SPONSORS").

I hereby agree and acknowledge the following:

I understand that any travel, volunteer work, or other activities I undertake in connection with THE SPONSORS involve inherent risks to my property, health, and life and I further understand the nature of such risks.

I have been and am informed by this document that any travel, volunteer work, or other activities I undertake in connection with THE SPONSORS present inherent risks, including but not limited to loss of property, disease, illness, injury, exposure to physical and mental harm and/or death which may be caused by among other things, the elements, organisms, environmental conditions, crime, accidents, or negligence.

No principal, director, officer, agent, team leader, staff member, or other person associated with or acting on behalf of THE SPONSORS has disavowed or contradicted anything in this document, including statements regarding the existence and nature of the risks involved.

While I recognize the existence and nature of the risks, I nevertheless desire to participate in travel, volunteer work, and other activities in connection with THE SPONSORS. I voluntarily assume all risks, foreseen and unforeseen associated with such activities. I agree to hold harmless any of the principals, directors, offices, agents, team leaders, and staff members of THE SPONSORS for any physical, mental, emotional, economic, legal, proprietary, or other harm sustained in connection with my activities. I further waive and release any and all claims that I, my children, spouse, heirs, and/or assignees may have, now of later, against the aforementioned entities and persons. The harms covered by this waiver release and hold-harmless agreement include those arising from negligent acts or omissions of THE SPONSORS.

This agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the remainder shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect.

I enter into this agreement freely and voluntarily in consideration of the permission to participate in the activities described herein and of the benefits associated with such activities. I understand that this agreement is contractual and binding upon me.

By entering my full name, below, I confirm that I have read this document, and understand and agree to all of its contents.

Signature -- Enter full name here*


Commitment to the Short-Term Mission

I understand that as a team member, I agree to participate in all team matters prior to departure, during the mission trip and upon returning.

I also understand that if I participate, that I am responsible to make every effort to pay in full my portion of the airline fare and in-country expenses required for the trip I have selected prior to departure (unless special arrangements have been made with FFP President, Ken Culver).

By entering my full name here, I confirm that I have read and agree to all terms, conditions, and other statements on the entirety of this application form.

Signature -- Enter full name here*
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