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Thank you for considering the PVGrows Investment Fund! Financing is available to local farm and food businesses with varying degrees of experience, and enterprises at various stages, including: startups, established enterprises, private for-profit businesses, cooperatives, and non-profits. Business Assistance is available for those considering financing.


Please feel free to indicate N/A to questions that do not apply to you.


This form has four components:
Section 1: Business Information
Section 2: Loan Overview
Section 3: Local Food System Impacts

Section 4: Permissions and Agreements


Overview of the Process: The Inquiry Form is the first step in recieving financing from the PVGrows Investment Fund's pool of community investments. The PVGrows Investment Fund Advisory Committee meets monthly to approve inquiries that meet our mission to strengthen and grow the local food system. Once an entrepreneur has been approved for mission fit, due diligence and underwriting is conducted by the Franklin County Community Development Corporation.


Confidentiality: The information that you provide will be kept confidential for the sole purpose of consideration by the PVGrows Investment Fund Advisory Committee, and may not be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose without your permission. Committee members include representatives from the Franklin County Community Development Corporation, Cooperative Fund of New England, Equity Trust, Common Capital, The Carrot Project, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, and New England Small Farms Institute.

Section 1: Business Information

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Section 2: Loan Overview

Describe your business and its products:*
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If yes, please describe the status of these efforts:
Describe sources of additional funds for this project (e.g., bank loan, grants, personal equity, other loans)*
Are you likely to need future financing to meet your business objectives?*
Do you have a business plan (draft or final version)? If so, please email to rebecca@pvgrows.net.*
Describe your target market, market size, marketing efforts and delivery model.
Are you interested in receiving business assistance in conjunction with financing? *
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If so, what type of business assistance would you find most helpful (business planning, financial modeling, marketing, or other)? Please describe.
Are you currently receiving any business or technical assistance? If so, please describe the services and provider.*
Do you anticipate any regulatory/ licensing needs or potential regulatory hurdles? If so, please describe.*
Describe the management and organizational structure (e.g., corporation, LLC, non-profit, etc.):*
Number of current full-time employees: (numerical value required)*
Number of current part-time employees: (numerical value required)*
Number of expected new hires: (numerical value required)
Will this loan allow you to retain employees?*
Additional information about history of your operation:

Section 3: Local Food System Impacts

Note: The PVGrows Investment Fund does not expect projects to meet ALL of these criteria. Your response should simply describe the areas your project will positively impact.

Agricultural System Impact: What impact, if any, will your project have on the continued viability and growth of Pioneer Valley farms?*

Examples of Agricultural System Impact: agricultural product/inputs are produced locally; value-adding activities take place locally; provides year-round value-added effort, benefits multiple farms/farm-related businesses, provides key piece of ag-related infrastructure, post-harvest activity such as handling, packing, processing, storage or distribution.

Community Impact: What impact, if any, will your project have on the economic, social, and/or nutritional health of the Pioneer Valley?*

Examples of Community Impact: proven long-term commitment to PV communities; ownership structure encourages long-term local control; ownership focuses on providing social benefit; more local food to local community; increases food access for underserved communities; increases healthy/nutritional food access for local community; creates new jobs at a reasonable rate of return; creates new high quality jobs that include benefits, job training and/or living wages.

Local Environmental Impact: What impact, if any, will your project have on the environment?*

Examples of Local Environmental Impact: improves ecological footprint by displacing food miles; improves farm-sector environmental practices; improves farm-sector energy use; re-uses pre-existing facilities; creates energy-efficient production processes for business.

Section 4: Permissions Agreements

Service Coordination Permission: The PVGrows Investment Fund coordinates with a broad network of service providers and lenders to serve our clients better. I agree that my business may be confidentially discussed with other lenders and/or service providers, only as it pertains to providing the services I requested above.*
  • Yes, I agree.
  • No
Publicity Release: I understand and agree that if my application results in a loan, the PVGrows Investment Fund and Franklin County CDC may use the business name (and logo) and/or photographs of the business in signs, press releases and other printed materials, including a release at the time the loan is closed. I further agree that any signs, press releases and other printed materials prepared by me (the Borrower) that list institutions supporting my business or my project will include reference to the PVGIF and FCCDC.*
  • Yes, I agree.
  • No
Business Tracking Permission: Our organization is required to report on the outcomes of our work. We may request follow-up information in subsequent years in order to substantiate the outcomes of this work (such as change in business income or number of employees added). I agree to be contacted for relevant business information to follow-up on the outcomes of this project.*
  • Yes, I agree.
  • No
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