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At Hausner, we not only encourage students to give their time and money to worthy causes (over half a million dollars to date!), we teach them how to do so responsibly, effectively, and through using Jewish values. We hope you will choose to support the Avodah La'Olam program through a donation on behalf of one of our students.


The Hausner Class of 2014 created the program's mission: "To promote philanthropy to the younger generation through Jewish values, personal passions, and teamwork in order to fulfill the Jewish responsibility of Tzedakah."

Avodah La'Olam Beneficiaries

Hausner creates meaningful opportunities for each kindergarten through 8th grade student to participate in the commandment of tikkun olam (repairing the world). A peak moment in the development of this lifelong commitment to avodah la'olam (work of the world) occurs in 7th grade during the exciting bar/bat mitzvah year. Students explore ethical questions through study of classical Jewish texts, discussion, and real-life examples. Through a guided process, they discover the values that are important to them, and choose an organization about which they feel passionate. After researching the organization, students present the merits of their chosen organization to their classmates through oral and visual presentations and persuasive essays. The organizations supported this year are posted above. 

Students work together as a board of directors to make allocations from the "Avodah La'Olam Philanthropy Fund," which was collected by pooling a portion of their b’nai mitzvah gifts as well as other fundraising activities such as letter writing campaigns. In addition to understanding that they can make a difference in the world, students acquire numerous skills during this process, including interview techniques, transcript writing, use of primary source documentation in research, and the art of persuasion.


Along with teaching students appropriate skills that they will use during their educational careers, this program includes teaching proper etiquette. If you are moved to donate to this program, please include the name of the student who has directed you to this page, so that s/he may personally thank you for your participation.


This year-long project culminates in a nationally acclaimed, community-wide Celebration of Tzedakah, in which students share their experiences and present funds to their chosen organizations. Friends and family members are welcome to attend this moving event, which will be held at the end of the school year.



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