Only 1% of Haitians go to university.

Most never finish.


HELP is changing that.


Founded in 1996, HELP is Haiti’s largest university scholarship program with over 160 graduates and 165 students currently enrolled in internationally accredited Haitian universities.  HELP has developed a unique model of comprehensive scholarships which fosters success for high-achieving, low-income students. 


HELP’s approach goes beyond tuition and books, providing housing in HELP dorms; stipends for food and transportation; advising and counseling; mandatory curricula in English, Leadership, and IT; and internships and career services.  HELP also has a library, computer lab, and consistent electricity to create an environment conducive to learning. 


How HELP is changing the stats



Students on Dean’s List



University graduates working in Haiti



Employment Rate



Average Annual Income




An independent assessment showed that HELP students outpace their classmates in academics, career readiness, and civic engagement.  It concluded that HELP offers a range of services that is “unique in the world” and “very effective …leading to a real transformation in students to become active citizens committed to change within themselves, their community and their country.”  


Suggested One-Time or Recurring Donation Ideas


School Supplies                               Tuition, Room & Board

$10 monthly - $120 yearly                  $417 monthly - $5,000 yearly


Career Services                                Partial Scholarship

$25 monthly - $300 yearly                  $625 monthly - $7,500 yearly


Advising Services                            Full Scholarship 

$50 monthly - $750 yearly                  $834 monthly - $10,000 yearly 


Room & Board                                  Named Scholarship

$100 monthly - $1,200 yearly             $1,000 monthly - $12,000 yearly


Students receive:
Scholarship at an internationally accredited university in Haiti, textbooks, supplies, dorm housing, living stipend, academic advising, HELP’s 4-year English program, 2-year IT program, 4-year Leadership & Citizenship program, career services and internships.


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