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Volunteer Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement

I agree to participate in the program Support Group organized by Help One Child and their partner churches (sponsors). 
I agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing the above described activity and to obey any instructions given by the person or persons having supervision and control over the above referenced activity.
I recognize that there are inherent risks associated with the above activity and I assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself. I hereby voluntarily and absolutely release and discharge the sponsors, and its constituent organizations and officers, agents and employees, from any and all injury, loss or damages arising out of my participation in any activities related to the events, whether caused by the fault of myself, the sponsors or other third parties.
I agree to indemnify and defend the sponsors against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney’s fees and other litigation costs, which may arise from my or my family’s participation in events or activities.
I warrant and represent that I am eighteen years of age or over, or have a legal guardian sign on my behalf if under the age of eighteen, and my family and I are fully aware of and understand the terms and legal consequences of the signing of this Waiver and Release.
I, hereby, authorize the making of photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, recordings, or other memorializing of said events and his/her participation therein, and the publication or other use thereof. I, hereby, waive any right to compensation therefore or any right that I otherwise might have to limit or control such.
In exchange for being provided access to information during my volunteer work with Help One Child, I will agree that information that is not generally known to the public to which I have been or will be exposed as a result of my volunteer work at Help One Child is confidential information that belongs to Help One Child. This includes information developed by me, alone or with others, or entrusted to Help One Child by others.
I will hold Help One Child’s confidential information, including refraining from taking pictures of the attendants, in strict confidence and not disclose or use it except as authorized by Help One Child and for Help One Child’s benefit. I am aware that this is a release of liability and sign it of my own free will.


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Volunteer Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

1. Volunteers shall not enter into any relationship with any Help One Child client/participant outside of the expected work setting.
2. Volunteers who have preexisting personal, social, or financial relationship with a client/participant shall not provide direct services to that individual.
3. Volunteers will not knowingly enter into a personal, social, or financial relationship with a person who has been a client/participant of Help One Child within the last five years.
4. Personal relationships between volunteers and client/participants or former clients/participants that are social, financial, or sexual cannot be part of an accepted working relationship and are prohibited.
5. Should volunteers encounter Help One Child clients in the community, it is not appropriate to mention or discuss the client’s relationship or history with Help One Child in the presence of a third party unless the client mentions it first.
6. Volunteers need to report any suspicion that a minor client of Help One Child may have been abused. Should you suspect abuse has occurred, report your suspicions to your supervisor immediately. Help One Child staff will ascertain whether your information or observations should be reported to County Child Protective Services or law enforcement. Staff will complete the required reports should they be necessary.
7. Illegal use of drugs and use of intoxicants including alcoholic beverages by a volunteer during work performance will be grounds for immediate dismissal. A volunteer found selling or using drugs on the premises is subject to immediate dismissal.
8. I understand that any equipment, crafts or other materials provided by the nonprofit are and remain the property of the nonprofit and I agree to return any remaining materials to the nonprofit at the end of my volunteer service.
9. I understand Help One Child is a Religious nonprofit rooted in the Christian tradition. In my work as a volunteer, I will honor and respect Help One Child by not introducing perspectives or an agenda contrary to the mission.
10. Help One Child is a safe and efficient place in which to work. As a volunteer, you are asked to be vigilant in your efforts to protect your personal safety and the safety of others. Moreover, if you identify a condition or practice that appears to be unsafe, contact your supervisor immediately. 
11. I understand that I will be added to Help One Child's monthly email list as part of my participation in this program (volunteers can unsubscribe from the list at any time).
12. Unacceptable Behavior Leading to Dismissal from the Volunteer Program:
  • Omission or falsification of pertinent facts or personal information on an application
  • Gross misconduct or insubordination
  • Conflict of interest
  • Sexual or other inappropriate conduct with clients
  • Abuse of, mistreatment of, or failure to work harmoniously with clients or coworkers
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Theft of property or misuse of agency equipment or materials 
Volunteers who do not adhere to the policies and procedures of the program or who fail to satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignment are subject to dismissal.
Working with children and families from hard places can be challenging and is not for everyone. Due to the sensitive nature of the population we serve, volunteer acceptance and dismissal is within the discretion of the Executive Director.


I agree with the Volunteer Code of Ethics and Professional Standards*
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