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“Once a Knight Parent, Always a Knight Parent”

We now number over 20,000 Hillsdale alumni from the first graduating class of 1957 to this year’s graduating class.

Your membership as a Parent Alumnus is welcomed by the HHSAA in support of Our Mission:

to reach, serve and engage all Hillsdale alumni and their families;
to foster a lifelong connection
between the High School and its alumni;
and to provide Hillsdale High School with goodwill and support


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Many Parent Alumni spent years as contributing members of the Hillsdale community, and like you they have expressed an interest in continuing that relationship with the school and other Parent Alumni. Through this membership you will receive information about Hillsdale through our Alumni Newsletters, learn about important high school events, and be notified of important Alumni events that you and/or your child might be interested in attending.  Thank you for becoming a Parent Alumni member of the Hillsdale High School Alumni Association, and please visit our website at There you will find ways to stay connected with Hillsdale High School.

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