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When your beloved pet is injured or sick, requires routine veterinary care and spaying/neutering, the bill often surprises many people as they dig into the pocket book to pay for it.  To help ease the burden you can purchase a Special Veterinary Gift Certificate for your pet and those of your family and friends.  
Created exclusively by The Humane Society of Canada the Special Veterinary Gift Certificate can be purchased in a range of values and then redeemed for its full value in one easy step by friends and family when they adopt their fur angel from their local rescue group, humane society, SPCA or animal shelter.  
The certificate can be used anywhere in Canada, the United States and around the world to adopt any animal.
Redemption instructions will be sent with the purchase of a certificate.
P.S. We do not rent, trade, sell or exchange your personal information with anyone.

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If you are purchasing the certificate for yourself, please provide your name in the Name on Certificate field and if it is a gift please provide the recipient's name. 


If the certificate is a gift for someone else please also provide their name and mailing address below so that they may receive it, or you can leave it blank and we can mail the certficate to you. A card will also be sent along with the certificate so please provide in the order detail what you would like the card to read or a standard message will be provided. 

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