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When your pet goes missing, a valued member of your family is lost. The Humane Society of Canada's Pet Recovery Team helps reunite lost pets with their families through a special network which includes giving each one of your pets an id tag bearing your pet's name and your contact telephone numbers. On the other side of the tag, is a unique serial number keyed to each one of your pets' information, complete with The Humane Society of Canada's toll free number, which works from anywhere in North America.

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Each Pet Tag is $4.50 so you must pay at least this amount in order to receive your Humane Society of Canada Pet Tag. This amount does not cover the full cost of the tag so we do appreciate any extra amounts that you wish to donate. If you wish to donate more than $4.50 then please enter an amount greater than that in the other field. By purchasing one of our tags, you are buying into a lifetime subscription to our service.

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Any information collected for the Humane Society of Canada's Pet Recovery Team is strictly for use by The Humane Society of Canada, and except to help return your lost pet to your family, will not be shared with anyone else.

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