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Our team of experts are ready and on stand-by to help you make core curriculum connections using agriculture. We can serve as guest speakers on agricultural topics or help connect you with local experts in your area. Using agriculture to help students learn about core subjects like science or social studies just makes sense. Agriculture can also help support other subjects like math, language arts, STEM lessons, and so much more!


Possible topics that you can request include, but aren't limited to:

  • General / Iowa Agriculture
  • Sustainability (Journey 2050)
  • Plant science
    • Corn production for human food, animal feed, and/or ethanol production
    • Biotechnology, advances in research, GMOs
    • Soybean production for food, feed, biofuel, and industrial uses
  • Animal science
    • Pork and swine production
    • Beef and cattle production
    • Turkey production and turkey products
    • Egg production and egg products
    • Dairy production and dairy products
  • Employment and career opportunities in agriculture
  • History of agriculture
  • Agribusiness, cooperatives, and the economic impact of agriculture
  • Agriculture and the environment
  • Other (teachers can request other topics including any lesson available on our website)

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In the comments field below, please briefly describe the help you are looking for. If you are requesting a guest speaker, please indicate the following:

  • Preferred topic or subject area
  • Any core standards you want to align to
  • Class size
  • Preferred date / time for presenation
  • In person or virtual presentation
  • If virtual presentation, preferred platform (Zoom, Google Hangouts, other)
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