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Stage 1: Project Registration

Register your project and let us know what you intend to do and the impact you hope to make.

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What will your project do and how will you do it?



Stage 2: Share Your Results

Ideally you registered your project prior to taking action - If not, please do still register and share the results of your Roots & Shoots project.


Note: No need to fill in this section if you are first registering your project.

How many people participated?
Project Result
What has been the impact of your project - On animals, people and/or the environment?

If you have any images or videos of your project do send them to us so that we can share them along with your amazing work!

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It's either time to get into action.


Time to celebrate!

And maybe it's time to start brainstorming for your next Roots & Shoots project!

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