If you require financial assistance, please contact Michelle Napell at 609-987-8100 before completing the following application.

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Recommend a Friend! Please provide name & contact information for 8th - 10th grade teen(s) you think would be interested in JCYF.

Friend's Name & Contact Information

If the JCYF has more than one group and you have a preference for your placement, please list below 2 friends that you would like to be placed with. Note: when listing friends, please make sure the corresponding friend(s) list(s) you. JCYF cannot guarantee placement in a particular group.

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While we understand that teens have many demands on their time, we want you to make your best effort to commit to attending all JCYF meetings of the program including your site visit. It will be well worth it!

Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board is an additional JCYF enrichment program. It is comprised of class representatives who participate in additional leadership training, provide feedback about the Jewish Community Youth Foundation program, and plan a day of community service.


If you are interested in participating in the JCYF Youth Advisory Board, please visit http://jcyfonline.blogspot.com/p/youth-advisory-board.html to complete an application for this additional program. There is no added cost.


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The $350 Registration Fee includes participation fee & donation. 

* If you are not paying the full $350, please indicate why in the additional comments section of the payment information below.

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