This application will be used to select participants for the Encore Louisville Class of 2021. Please review the Program Calendar before submitting your application.


In addition to completing this application, please send a headshot photo via email to ajewell@leadershiplouisville.org.


DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, November 13th


If you are not a graduate of a Leadership Louisville Center program, see additional requirements


You must complete the entire application in one session. Before beginning the application, we recommend you gather the information you need and compose the answers to the interview questions in a word processor (you can copy and paste into the application). 


If you encounter any problems submitting this form, please contact Peggy Clements at (502) 338-0751 (cell) or email lead@leadershiplouisville.org.

Name and Business Address

Preferred First Name for permanent nametag*


IF YOU ARE EMPLOYED, enter your business address below - otherwise, skip to the "preferred email" field.  You will be asked for your personal contact information later.

Preferred email*
Confirm Email*
Preferred Phone

Relationship with Leadership Louisville Center

Tuition for this program varies based on alumni and membership status with the Leadership Louisville Center. Please let us know which of these describes you:

Choose one:*
  • I am a Leadership Louisville Center alum (which includes past participants of Leadership Louisville, Bingham Fellows, Ignite Louisville, Focus Louisville, Encore Louisville, or any of our Leadership Green Room trainings)
  • I am not an alum and upon acceptance I plan to register to participate in Focus Louisville or a Leadership Green Room Courses (someone from the Leadership Louisville Center will follow up with you to help you get registered)
  • I am not an alum and plan to obtain a letter of recommendation from a current or past Encore Louisville participant or any member of the Leadership Louisville Center board of directors to waive my program participation prerequisite (someone from the Leadership Louisville Center will follow up with you to walk you through this process)

Employment Status

Employment Status*
  • Employed (Not retired)
  • Retired or retiring this year - not working post-retirement
  • Retired - now consulting, or plan to consult after retiring

IF YOU ARE EMPLOYED (1st option above) or RETIRED, NOW CONSULTING (3rd option above), please indicate your preferred title and company for publication on our website, in press releases and in the graduate directory. This company name will also be used on your nametag when you attend  Leadership Louisville Center events. In the case of those retired and now consulting, you might enter "President" for your job title, and "Jones Consulting" for your company. 

Job Title (for publication)
Company (for publication)

IF YOU ARE RETIRED (2nd option above), OR RETIRED, NOW CONSULTING (3rd option above), please indicate the title and company that is your biggest claim to fame. This information is used to build and promote the program. For example, if you are Bill Gates, here is where you would enter "Co-founder and CEO - retired" for your title, and "Microsoft - retired" for your company. 

Title (pre-retirement)
Company (pre-retirement)

Personal Contact Information

Home Address*
Home City*
Home State*
Home Zip Code*
Home email*
Mobile phone*
Spouse or Partner's Name*


Diversity is an important part of our mission. Please provide the following information:

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)*
Job Type - Explanation for Other
If not from Louisville, enter hometown city
Hometown State/Country

Previous Employers

Please complete the following information for your two most recent previous employers, if applicable.

Previous Employer #1
Job Title (#1)
Previous Employer #2
Job Title (#2)

Community Service

Please list up to three of your community service activities, beginning with the most recent.

Community Service - Organization #1*
Community Service - Organization #2
Community Service - organization #3


Answers of 200 words or less per question are preferred. 

What strengths, skills, experience or leadership would you bring to the Encore Louisville Class of 2021?*
Please provide a one paragraph biography describing your career, experiences and skills. This will be shared with other Encore Louisville participants in a class handbook and will be provided to nonprofits that you would be working with.*
How can you most help leaders of a not-for-profit organization?*


Please read and check box to confirm*
  • I understand that participation in the Encore Louisville program requires a commitment to attend each of the program days (5 total) in their entirety. Missing more than one program day (or equivalent hours) could result in dismissal from the program. Late arrivals and early departures will be tracked by the Leadership Louisville Center staff. Review the program day dates and mark them on your calendar: http://www.leadershiplouisville.org/encore-louisville/#calendar
Please read and check box to confirm*
  • I understand that the Encore Louisville involves group work, which will take place outside of the program days. It is expected that each Encore Louisville participant will participate in one to three of the four project cycles, and active participation in the project is requested. The time commitment for each group project will be 10-15 hours of meetings and volunteer work over (approximately) a 90-day period. The Encore Louisville program will only be successful when all participants are committed to the project work.
Satisfaction Guarantee Policy



After clicking the Submit button, it may take a few moments to process. If your application submitted successfully, you will see a confirmation message and receive an email within five minutes. If you do not see the confirmation page, please do not close your browser. Print the page and contact us as soon as possible at (502) 561-0458. 

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