Ledyard High School Art

Help us fund this great grant by Marin Marciano and Kate Flanagan  at Ledyard High School. 

They encourge students to discover their artistic side and prepare for a life after high school!


"Every semester, we find more students coming in with digital drawings of artwork and we are confident this interest will not fade but in fact, grow more popular. The interest of graphic design, illustration, animation, game design and other digital art careers has been growing and will continue to give artists a platform to grow as successful artists who can make a living. The term “starving artist” is finally coming to an end because people in the art field are adapting. Ledyard High School needs to give our students the opportunity to adapt to our global community in order to prepare them for a successful career path. Whether students choose the path of Visual Arts or another career, the experience of learning how to visually present something, how to problem solve through use of digital materials, and how to showcase themselves as people, will be a useful skill to have."  Student work can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z8Xvfh-MAE&index=8&list=PLC9ZVOgmfGh_D6-2c7KBjhmsCY5uN8uk0

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