Lexington Education Foundation Team STAR Awards (Staff and Teacher Appreciation and Recognition) provide an especially meaningful way to honor the teachers and school staff who as a team have guided, supported and inspired your children.

Complete the form below, being sure to write a special message to the Team (up to four teachers or school staff). When you donate $60 or more for a Team STAR Award, LEF will personalize, print and deliver the certificate to each member of the Team to proudly display at school.

Additionally, to print a second version for your child to decorate and deliver themselves, you may click the "Yes" button after: "Please also send a PDF copy of the STAR Award to my email address.'

Your tax-deductible donation helps fund LEF grants for teacher-initiated projects including innovative programs, new technologies and teacher continuing education in all nine Lexington Public Schools. Note, to make donations for more than one Team or Individual STAR Award, complete each one individually.

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