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Thank you for helping to make the 
Planking Challenge a success! 


As a participant, you agree to:

  1. Complete the planking profile below and send a photo.
  2. Raise a minimum of $50 in contributions. 
  3. Spread the word to your family & friends.
  4. Start planning your wacky costume!
  5. Come to Parkview Field, on Friday, April 21st, at 2pm, and plank in this fun event!


The Lifeline Loves & Crosswinds Cares fund provides limited financial assistance to eligible employees and benefits the Helpers & Heroes campaign! Dollars raised will assist with the expense of counseling for professionals serving our community, including firefighters, police officers, and those in the military.


PLUS: The first 100 plankers registered receive a FREE yoga mat, 

courtesy of!


Raise over $100 in donations and receive a FREE event t-shirt!


Support our real-life superheroes!

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Planking Profile

To complete your submission:


1. Use the Planker Profile box below to add your Planking profile name and biography.


See the Sample Profile below if you need some direction on how to put together your fun profile. Creativity is encouraged!

Planker Profile

2. Please select if you will be an Amateur or Professional competitor.


Amateur: Those who haven't seen the inside of a gym since January 5th :)
Professional: Someone who is "super fit," a pro athlete, and/or a trainer.


3: Email your photo to Frances Brooks at


4. Complete you profile by pressing the Submit button below.


THANK YOU for supporting our real-life superheroes!



Sample Profile


 An example of a profile name and biography:

Profile Name: Brenda the Plankinator  (HINT: Think outrageous & silly - the more creative, the better!)
Alias: Brenda Gerber Vincent  (Your real name)
Bio:  (HINT: More creativity and impossible achievements needed here!)
Since last year's competition, "Brenda the Plankinator" went on to win two international titles: "World Planking" Champion at the Rio de Janeiro summer planking games and the coveted "Panera Fuji-Salad" Championship in Atlanta, Georgia.
It was announced in May of 2015 that “Brenda the Plankinator” married Frank Plank, the renowned International Planking Judge from the IPA (International Planking Association). They were last seen planking together on the beaches of Hawaii in preparation for the upcoming April 21st LL/CC Challenge. She is confident that she will regain her title in 2017!



Photo: A horizontal photo works best

NOTE: Please choose a safe location to take your outrageous photo! :)


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