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Saturday, June 15, 2019


Food Vendor Booth Fees

Food Vendor Booth Fee

Food Concession Fee (includes power fee): $350 + Wascana Centre Authority Fee: $65.00 = $ 415.00


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Online Presence

We realize that everyone has a different approach to their online presence. Some people have a dedicated website; others use Etsy, Facebook or other social media sites; still others use email. 

Please enter the main method for people to find your business online

Only one URL or email address will linked to your listing on the Bazaart website. 

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Preferred Booth Location

We attempt to accommodate preferences. Defining preferences does not guarantee booth placement. Decisions made by the MacKenzie are final. 


* Special spots are assigned to Community Booths (C1-C8 on map) and Food Vendors (F1-F9 on map). 

Click here to view Bazaart Booth Map online

Food Vendor Space Requirement Information*
  • Booth: 10 by 15 foot area
  • Trailer: space required for concession trailer

If you have a concession trailer, please indicate the size of your trailer in the space below.

Concession Trailer Size


Number of Power Outlets Required

Power provided is 100 volt 20 amps


All Food Vendors


Please follow this link for the Saskatchewan Health Authority's Vendor Package - Temporary Permit, and email your fully completed application to


Food Vendors with licensed trailers are not required to complete the Temporary Permit form, instead, please provide a copy of your License to the MacKenzie for verification. Email to


Any food vendors that generate grease laden vapor, for example by deep fat frying, cooking meat on stove tops/flat tops, cooking with oil on stove tops/flat tops and charbroiling, must be inspected by Regina Fire Service at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Email or call (306) 777-7830.


Read Bazaart Rules and Regulations HERE

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