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Saturday, November 24, 2018


Vendor Registration for Holiday Bazaart (November 24) is now full!

Please email to be placed on the cancellation list. 

Booth Fees

Holiday Bazaart booths are approximately 8’ W x 10’ D (single) or 16' W x 10' D in the Agra Torchinsky Salon and Sculpture Court Galleries located on the second floor of the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

Holiday Bazaart 2018 Single Booth

Early Bird registration for Holiday Bazaart 2018 (8' x 10') Single Booth


Holiday Bazaart 2018 Double Booth

Early Bird registration for Holiday Bazaart 2018 (16' x 10') Double Booth


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Email 3 images that the handmade items, crafts and/or artwork you will be selling at Holiday Bazaart to


Preferred Booth Location

We attempt to accommodate preferences. Defining preferences does not guarantee booth placement. Decisions made by the MacKenzie are final. 


Single Booth Preference

Double Booth Preference

To view larger, click here to view the Holiday Bazaart Booth Map online

Holiday Bazaart Table & Chairs

The MacKenzie will provide up to 1 table and 2 chairs at no charge for vendors. Please choose the number of table and chairs you require for your booth.

Holiday Bazaart Set Up Time

To alleviate congestion during set-up and allow for timely access via the elevator to the second floor, there will be three designated set-up times on Friday, November 23, 2018. Select your preferred time in the field below.

Early and late set up times are not permitted.



Attention: Conservation, Natural Materials & Contamination

Because Holiday Bazaart takes place with the gallery's exhibition spaces, special care must be taken to avoid contamination that may harm the gallery's artworks


Please ensure that products and display materials are free from dirt and debris. If your goods contain any of the following, please contact the MacKenzie's conservator for information on how to ensure that your items are safe to bring into the gallery:

  • dirt
  • feathers
  • food
  • found objects
  • fur
  • hair
  • hide
  • plants
  • quills
  • wood
  • wool
  • materials that have been stored in garages or outdoors

Contact the MacKenzie's Conservator, Brenda Smith at



Read Bazaart Rules and Regulations HERE

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Donate to the Holiday Bazaart Raffle

Holiday Bazaart Raffle

Support the MacKenzie Art Gallery by donating an item to the Bazaart Raffle. Donations valued at $75 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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