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If this is your first ever application for Membership in the Mayne Island Conservancy Society please select "Initial" from the Radio Buttons in the Member Type box.


If you were a member in the last calendar year and are renewing your membership for the current calendar year please select "Renewal"


If your membership had lapsed - i.e. you didn't send us your subscription (via mail, in person visit, while attending an event or AGM etc.) during the LAST calendar year, please select "Rejoin"


This information will help us keep our numbers straight from year to year, nonetheless if you are unsure "Renewal" will do fine  - Thank you!

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Please complete a membership form for each person joining us, whether this is an Initial Membership, a Renewal of an existing membership or Rejoining after a "lapsed" period. Membership is $5.00 for a calendar year. Any membership fee paid after October 31st will be applied to membership for the subsequent year.

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