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Thank you for your generous support of Nantucket Preservation Trust. Our members help NPT in our mission to protect the island's architectural heritage and sense of place.


Your gift allows us to continue our work preserving the island’s unique architectural heritage and timeless sense of place. Thank you!


Click here to learn more about leadership support and NPT's Sense of Place society.


Membership Levels

Sense of Place Society

Corner Post: $10,000 and Up

Foundation: $5,000
Granite: $2,500


Leadership Membership

Brick: $1,000

Mortar: $500
Shingle: $250


General Membership







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Consider making a recurring gift to support preserving Nantucket's unique sense of place throughout the year.

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  • Corner Post: $10,000
  • Foundation: $5,000
  • Granite: $2,500
  • Brick: $1,000
  • Mortar: $500
  • Other $

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