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Welcome to the NOVA Crisis Response Team Training™ Session, presented by the National Organization for Victim Assistance. NOVA CRT has over thirty years of evidence-informed and field-tested best practices as a crisis management utility that includes trauma mitigation and education protocols. Upon successful completion of the training, you will be among the thousands trained in North America and internationally,  You are sure to find NOVA CRT training is an effective tool that can be instantly scaled-up from prosecutor-based integrated programs to mass-casualty critical incidents.

Verification of First-Day Attendance

Contact Information in Event of a Critical Response

The most critical facet of crisis response in any community is being able to readily identify and contact NOVA-trained Crisis Response Personnel. It is critical that NOVA and other affiliated entities be able to communicate with you to confirm your availability and willingness to assist in the response. We understand that you may not be available at that specific time and place. In the spaces below, it is important that you provide NOVA CRT with the name and address of your agency and your job title, if any. It is more important to list a personal email and mailing address as well as mobile phone number. To date, we have encountered numerous situations where NOVA-trained personnel have changed employment preventing us from benefitting from their knowledge and experience in the event of an emergency. 

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