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Summer Programs 2021 Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in NJIO's Summer Programs.  The following are the dates for our 2021 Summer Programs.


Chamber Workshop July:

July 15, 19, 22 and 26


Chamber Music August:

August 2, 5, 9 and 12



For more details visit our website:



Please complete this registration form in its entirety.  Please complete a separate registration form for each program. The registration fees below include a convenience fee to cover credit card charges.  

Class description

Chamber Music : Coached Classes in Chamber Music for all levels of performers. Participants can indicate a preference to work with other registered individuals. Participants will be grouped according to their music experience description and audio submission.  Coaches will tailor instruction and repertoire to the needs of each group of players. 


Historical Performance Program*new class* NJIO is excited to announce an addition to the summer chamber program.  This is a group that will focus on music of the Baroque time period. Music will be tuned to 415. Period and modern instruments welcome (including recorders!). Music accommodations can be made for modern instruments to play in the correct pitch.  Please contact us with any questions. 

Registration Fee

Please indicate choice(s).*
  • Chamber Workshop - July $165
  • Chamber Workshop - August $165
  • Chamber July and August - $300
  • Chamber - Historical Performance July - $165
  • Chamber Historical Performance - August - $165
  • Chamber Historical Performance July and August - $300

Contact Information

Enter the name of the person who will be playing with NJIO here.


Enter your contact information below.  If registering a child, please enter the parent/guardian information here.

Confirm Email*

Music Experience and Class Placement

Years Playing - estimate is fine*
Music Teacher*
Recent piece of music played*

Submitting a 1-2 minute audio clip of your playing is helpful in placing you in the correct group.  This is optional and not required.  Please email audio clips to 




If musician is under age 18 please complete this section.

Child's Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Child's School
Child's Grade

Parent/Guardian Information

This section is manditory for particpants under the age 18.

First Name
Last Name
Cell Phone

Helpful information

Please include any information that will help ensure a positive experience at NJIO in the comments section. This includes, but is not limited to, preferred pronouns, learning style preferences, allergies. 

NJIO Summer Participant Agreement

Registering in one of NJIO's programs indicates your acceptance of the following:


I agree to follow the rules for NJIO Summer Chamber participants in effect during the program, including all related Covid19 protocols.

Unless I notify you in writing, I hereby grant and give NJIO the right to use my or my child’s photograph or image (without a name) both singly and with other persons or objects for NJIO presentations, advertising, publicity and promotional purposes which may be displayed on television, film, video, visual, electronic, or printed media.


Release of Liability and Indemnity: As consideration for my (and/or my child’s) participation in activities of NJIO which I understand may entail risks such as injury to persons or property at rehearsals, performances, NJIO events and functions, and travel to and from same (collectively without limitation “NJIO Activities”), I hereby release and discharge NJIO, and its successors, and assigns, its Trustees, officers, agents, and volunteer workers (collectively the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability for loss, injury, or damage that I (he/she) may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of my (their/our) participation in NJIO Activities.


Anyone registering for the Chamber Music Workshop must sign a COVID-19 Waiver form (to follow) prior to participating.

Please check box to indicate you agree to the terms.*

Payment Information

Payment Type
We only accept credit/debit card payments. After you complete this form, select Submit to enter your card details into our secure transaction processor. Your submission will be processed when you finalize your secure payment information.
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