Valentine's Cookie Sale




Thank you for supporting the children and families served by Opportunity School.



Please follow these steps when completing your cookie order: 


1) Check the number of boxes you want to order. 

For orders of 5 or more boxes, please contact the Opportunity School office at (806) 373-4245 and we will help you with your order. 

2) In the Delivery Information field, enter the name and Amarillo delivery address(es) for your cookies. Enter one address if you've purchased one box, two addresses for two boxes, etc. Deliveries will only be made in Amarillo.   


3) In the Donation Amount field, enter the total for your purchase. (Ex. $25 for one box, $50 for two boxes, etc.) 


4) If you wish to add a short, special note for your recipient, enter it in the Special Note field. Add any special delivery instructions to the Additional Comments field at the end. 


*COVID-19 Note: In order to keep everyone safe, our baking partner, United Supermarkets, has agreed to do all the cookie preparation and packaging. Volunteers will make deliveries on 2/12, and COVID-19 precautions will be observed. Please put specific delivery instructions in the Additional Notes field so that we can meet your needs. Also, the local schools and some businesses may not be receiving deliveries. Please take that into account. 


5) Complete the rest of the information so that your purchase will be processed. Be sure to click on Submit at the bottom of the form. You will receive an email confirmation and receipt of your purchase. 


Thank you for your support of Opportunity School! 


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