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Thanks for giving the gift of creative freedom at The Philadelphia Design Center!


Use the form below to:

  1. Purchase a Gift Membership for a specific designer
  2. OR Become a Design Angel when you sponsor a participant in the PDC Residency program

If you are interested in gifting multiple memberships, you can buy each individually with this form or contact us directly for assistance.


What to Expect with Gift Memberships

  • After completing this form, you (the purchaser) will receive a receipt. Our staff will use the new member information you provide to directly contact our newest member to set up their orientation, welcoming them to their new creative home away from home!
  • You may print this PDF gift certificate to give to the recipient of this gift membership. 
  • Gift Memberships start the date they are purchased unless you request a delay/specific date in the notes section below. 


What to Expect with Design Angels

  • After completing this form, you (the donor) will receive a receipt that you may use as proof of donation. Our staff will follow up with you within the next few business days to welcome you to the PDC Design Angel community! 
  • Your donation will be included as an open position in the upcomming round of the PDC Residency Program - which starts February 25, 2019. 


If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Recruitment and Sales Manager, Loretta Gary at or call us at 215.888.6123 during regular business hours.

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If you learned about the Center from a member, please provide their name above. 

Gift + Sponsor Memberships

Here's where the magic happens! Please specify the duration and type of membership you would like to gift/sponsor!

 Easy as 1, 2, 3
  1. Please reference the table below to find the current price of our 'Creator' and 'Artisan' levels of membership for various lengths of time. Learn more about the specific benefits and differences between membership levels here.
  2. Enter the dollar value that corresponds with your gift membership in the "Donation Amount" section.
  3. Select the frequency of your gift payment. You can give a one-time gift or set reoccuring membership renewals that match the length of time you are gifting. We recommend automating MONTHLY payments on all 1-month memberships to avoid any interruptions in access to PDC resources.
QUICK TIP: The 'Creator' level meets the needs of most hobbyists and designers who are early in their career; while the 'Artisan' level is better suited for fulltime professional designers in need of a communal workspace.
DESIGN ANGELS: We request a minimum of a 3 month commitment since that is the base duration of our PDC Residency program. 

Creator Membership Level


Artisan Membership Level


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 Additional Notes
  • The reoccurring charge frequency will automatically renew the membership at the end of your selected billing cycle.
  • You may contact us at any point before the end of your billing cycle to postpone, suspend or update this membership.
  • GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: If you want to cancel a membership, we will refund you for the prorated unused months minus a 15% cancellation fee. 

Gift Recipient Contact Information



Please provide all of the contact information for the new PDC member to the best of your knowledge. The recipient of your gift will be able to confirm/update their membership information during their orientation.

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