Please complete the questions below including as much information and detail as you feel comfortable sharing. The more complete your answers, the better the board is able to appreciate your situation. 

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Cancer/Treatment Questions

What stage and grade is your cancer*
What types of treatments and/or surgeries are/did you receive? (Please list chronologically, including date of original diagnosis and dates of all treatments and/or surgeries)*
Is this the first type of cancer you have had? If no, please describe your other cancer.*
Where are you receiving treatment? *
Have you been tested for the BRCA gene? (If so, please include results)*
Has anyone else in your family had cancer? If so, explain their relationship to you and summarize their fight against cancer.*
Who is your doctor? (If chosen, recipient will be required to complete a HIPAA release)*

Financial Questions

Do you have insurance coverage for your treatments? If yes, what is your individual or family deductible?*
Have you had any fundraisers to help you financially since you’ve been diagnosed? Are any planned? Please provide details.*
Tell us about your current working and financial situation? Where do you work? Has your job been affected since the diagnosis? *

Personal Information

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