PoP Cup O' Joe Club



PoP's very own Juan "Valdez"

Want to join the PoP Coffee Club?

For just the cost of a cup of coffee in the U.S.

You can Make a Difference in a Girl's Life

That difference starts with as little as

$5 / month


Prior to Visit to PoP:

Enjoy a Cup o' Joe from afar with one of the Girls

All club donations are Tax Deductible!


Upon arrival with a team:

Unlimited drinking supply of home brewed Guatemalan coffee!

Drink coffee alongside All the Girl's of PoP!

Exclusive rights to purchase unlimited coffee from our store at a 10% discount

Receive a free coffee mug after 6 months of membership

All proceeds go directly towards supporting the Girls  

Donation Amount*
  • General Member ($5 / Month)
  • Straight up Black ($10 / Month)
  • Add a Little Cream ($20 / Month)
  • Sugar is Sweet ($25 / Month)
  • The Perfect Cup O'Joe ($50 / Month)
  • Other $

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