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Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Profile Survey

This form is to submit your Lutheran faith community's information after it has voted to affirm a welcome statement which includes people of all sexual orienations and gender identities. (This may be stated "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual/aromantic" "LGBTQIA+," "people of all sexual orientations and gender identities," or any combination which includes even more named identities. Check out our "Sample Affirmations of Welcome" resource.)


ReconcilingWorks uses the information obtained from this survey to ensure the organization is providing resources, educational materials, and support to meet the needs of our RIC settings. The information provided will remain confidential to both ReconcilingWorks' staff and those folks inquiring about your faith community in discernment of visiting. As your community continues to grow and evolve, please feel free to fill out the RIC Profile Survey again; ReconcilingWorks encourages RIC Ministry Settings to update information annually.

Today's Date (Please use MM/DD/YYYY format.)*
What is your relationship to this faith community?*

Make sure to include only your faith community's information from this point on. We will include it in our public list of RIC settings.

State / Province*
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When was your welcoming statement passed? (Please use MM/DD/YYYY format.)*
Please copy and paste your welcome statement here. If you are updating your profile, you may skip this. (Don't forget to email, fax, or mail us on letterhead your official welcome statement so we have it on file).
Check all publications which list (or will list when it is official) your faith community's RIC welcome.
  • Advertisements in your community
  • Bulletin/worship folder
  • Newsletter
  • Website
We will send your community a signed Reconciling in Christ certificate. Where will you display it or where is it displayed?
Check all that apply to your faith community.
  • People in my faith community are aware of the Reconciling in Christ designation.
  • Our welcome statement includes bisexual and transgender people.
  • There is something on our outside sign which would indicte a specific welcome to LGBTQ people
  • Our faith community has a gender inclusive and/or family restroom.
  • Our webpage and/or social media pages are current.
Check all worship styles that describe your faith community.
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Praise
  • Variety/Mix
Check all that apply to your faith community.
  • There has been a recent or current publicly and openly LGBTQ pastor serving at our faith community.
  • There are staff positions currently held by publicly and openly LGBTQ people.
  • Our faith community would/does perform wedding services for same-gender unions.
  • Our faith community would consider calling an openly LGBT pastor.
  • There are LGBTQ members who are raising children as a family unit.
  • There are LGBTQ members serving in leadership roles within our faith community.
  • Our faith community has an active small group targeted to LGBTQ people.
  • Our faith community has an active small YOUTH group targeted to LGBTQ people.
  • There are out bisexual and transgender members in our faith community.
  • There are out lesbian and gay members in our faith community.
  • There are LGBTQ parents raising children in your faith community.
Check any of the following which describe your faith community's curriculum.
  • Our adult curriculum addresses the realities/issues of BISEXUAL and TRANSGENDER people.
  • Our adult curriculum addresses the realities/issues of GAY and LESBIAN people.
  • Our adult curriculum includes LGBTQ speakers and/or leaders.
  • Our Middle and High School Youth are invited to address LGBTQ identities and topics.
  • Our Early Childhood curriculums address LGBTQ identities and topics.
Do you have any uplifting notes, comments, or stories our staff can publicly celebrate about your faith community's welcoming journey on our webpage?

This next four questions will not be published as part of your on-line profie. They are for our internal records only.

Please describe the ethnic diversity of your faith community.
Do you have any confidential concerns related to your community's welcoming journey with which you would like staff to follow up with you?

After you press submit, your faith community will receive a confirmation email to the public email address you provided on this form.

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