Celebrating Rebekah

A message from Rebekah's mom:

On April 16, we celebrate what we affectionately call “Rebekah Day”. When Rebekah was born, we thought she was boy, but we were wrong. April 16 was the first day our daughter went into the world as herself, a girl named Rebekah.

Four years later, we continue to be awed and amazed (and sometimes exhausted) by the force that Rebekah is and has always been. Starting with her family and friends, Rebekah taught those around her what it meant to show up fully as yourself, she taught them what it meant to be transgender. Then, she taught her congregation, her school, and her wider community. And then, she spoke out publicly sharing her story with the world.

At 12 years old, she’s pretty incredible. But she can only be who she is because of the courageous work of those who came before her, of allies, advocates, and activists who have worked tirelessly for decades to make the church and the world a safer space for kids like her.

So on this anniversary, we want to celebrate Rebekah and everything she’s done, but even more so we want to support those who continue to work for equality and inclusion for all transgender people, especially in the church. This year, we’re hoping to raise $4,000 - a $1,000 for each year Rebekah has lived as herself - for Reconciling Works.

Last summer, Rebekah was the first openly transgender person to speak at the ELCA Youth Gathering. She stood on stage in front of 31,000 people and shared her hope for a church where people are not just welcomed, they are celebrated in the fullness of their identity. Reconciling Works is a driving force in making that happen in the ELCA and beyond. In Rebekah’s words, “You, each and every one of you, made in God’s image, are made to be hope for the church, made to be hope for the world. You are MY hope.”

Please join us in spreading that hope and celebrating Rebekah with a donation to Reconciling Works.

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