The Redwood Forest Foundation will plant young redwood trees in your honor or in honor of a friend, customer, relative or loved one, to commemorate any occasion. Design a certificate below and we will send it to the Honoree or their family.



Count me in! I want to help restore the redwood forests of northern California that support biodiversity and address climate change. Please accept my tax-deductible gift to the Redwood Forest Foundation.

Gift Information

Number of Redwoods to be Planted.
  • Plant 200 Redwoods $1,000
  • Plant 25 Redwoods $250
  • Plant 50 Redwoods $500
  • Plant 10 Redwoods $100
  • Plant 5 Redwoods $55
  • Plant 2 Redwoods $50
  • Plant 1 Redwood $45
Donation Amount*

Certificate Information: Help us design the certificate that will be sent to the honoree. We use this basic template. Below-select the occasion, date(s). Give us the name of the honoree and who the gift is from. If you wish, include a short special message in the Additional Comments box at the bottom of this page. 




In Honor of (or Special Occasion)

Name of Honoree

Date (s)


The Redwood Forest Foundation will plant 5 redwood

trees in a northern California redwood forest as an

enduring tribute to Joseph Smith,  a loving gift

from Joan, Arthur and Mitzi Smith.

(Example of optional special message.) These trees will grow tall and strong and

protect us as Joseph did.


  • In Honor of
  • In Memory of
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Holidays!
  • Happy Hannukah
  • Write Occasion In Additional Comments Box Below
Name of Honoree. List name of honoree as you want it to appear on certificate.
Date(s), eg, birthdate, date of honoree's life, event date, etc.
Gift is from? Please list names of givers as you want them to appear on the certificate.
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Save a Tree and Save Time! We can email the certificate (pdf) to you or the recipient. Please enter email address in Recipient's Email address below. If you would like us to email a note from you, please enter in "Additional Comments" box that appears below "Payment Info."

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