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It broke our hearts to see them. Fifty-five little dogs who had spent their lives producing puppies for pet stores. Originally brought in by Animal Control from a local breeder, finally they were released to Saving Grace.


Each dog received an initial medical evaluation and K-9 Designs, a local groomer, donated baths and shaved their badly matted fur. From underneath all that dirt and hair emerged shih tzus, yorkies, maltese, dachshunds, poodles and all-of-the-aboves. Next come all the surgeries to spay or neuter and address other medical needs, ranging from bad teeth to uterine tumors. The dogs are being made available for adoption once they’ve had surgery.


Most of the dogs are rather timid, having lacked socialization and positive human attention. It’s incredibly rewarding to see their personalities open up as they interact with the staff and volunteers. With lots of love and patience, they will make wonderful companions for people willing to open their hearts to a little dog who wants to know what a real family is like. 



Your contributions care for these most vulnerable, giving them a second chance for love.



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Yes! I want to help with medical care so these little ones can be adopted to loving families! 


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*Any funds received beyond the needs of these dogs will be used to provide medical care for other Saving Grace animals.

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