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Happy Chanukah!


Your gift is an opportunity to spread light this Chanukah season to someone in need.


Thanks to your participation, the Prosserman JCC and Schwartz/Reisman Centre are vibrant hubs of community life. The JCC is more than a place where you can create, explore, celebrate and learn. It is also a place where everyone can feel at home, where everybody can belong. At the J, we are committed to ensuring that no one is left behind.


We are a community that cares!


The J is committed to never turning anyone away due to financial need. One in five JCC members attends our programming thanks to the generosity of others. People who feel connected to and included in their community enjoy a higher quality of life. When you give a donation to the JCC you are giving the gift of connection, allowing everyone to participate and belong.


Thank you for supporting us this year with a gift to the J Chanukah Fund. Your support means the difference between isolation and inclusion, between loneliness and joy. Because of you, children, youth, adults and seniors, from all walks of life, will be inspired to live the Jewish lives they want to live, learn from each other, and find their unique place in the J’s diverse community.


We all deserve to belong at the J!


Chanuka Sameach!


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