Give the gift of shelter


Make a donation today on behalf of a friend or family member and we'll send you one of our specially designed cards to give in lieu of your gift. Simply donate in the normal way, mention that it is a Christmas Gift and we'll get your card in the post. Any gift over $50 qualifies for a card.


For a gift of $1,000 you could provide an extended family with a relief tent, blankets and ground sheets, water purification and storage equipment, cooking equipment and eating utensils, a tool kit, solar lights, a children’s activity pack and, where appropriate, mosquito nets or thermal hats/gloves/scarves. This is life-changing, life-sustaining equipment. 


A gift of $500 could buy a family relief tent and provide comfort and protection from the elements


A gift of $100 could buy a whole Shelter Kit to repair damaged buildings or build an emergency shelter.


$50 could buy a life-saving water filter for a family


Remember to let us know how many cards you'd like and we will get them in the post to you


Please note that it is no longer possible to track a sponsored box




For EFT or direct deposit, our bank details are: ShelterBox Australia, Westpac, BSB 032 189, account no. 230 147, please email to notify us of your donation. Cheques can be mailed to: ShelterBox Australia, PO Box 254, Parramatta, NSW, 2124.



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  • $50 - Water Filter
  • $100 - Shelter Kit
  • $500 - Relief Tent
  • $1,000 - Complete ShelterBox
  • Other $

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