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♦ This donation form can be used to make a one-time gift -or- set up a recurring donation (weekly, monthly, etc.). Recurring gifts without an end time will be considered to be indefinitely recurring. 

♦ Your first installment will process when you submit this form. If you'd like your donation to start or process on a specific day or irregular schedule, please call our office before submitting this form. We can help you set up your gift: (206) 624-4081x111 or

♦ We also accept donations by stock, donor advised funds, and employeer matching. Contact Burke Stansbury, Development Director, (206) 624-4081x105 for more information. 


Recurring gift example: If your total gift is supposed to be $1200 ($100/mo at 12 months)...

  1. Enter $100 in Donation Amount box
  2. Select "Monthly" under Donation Frequency
  3. Write "12 months" in the in the frequency comment box


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If you are donating to an individual's fundraising and/or a specific Giving Project, please list their name here. For more information about our Giving Projects, click here.

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Membership dues are $240 annually (or any amount that is meaningful to you)
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  • Learning about Grantees
  • Contact me about volunteer opportunities at SJF

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