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What does it mean to be an E4L Scholar?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, it means that you are getting ready to graduate AND that you have lived at SSF for some time. We believe that students who are able to live cooperatively and academically achieve at SSF for a significant amount of time (6 semesters or more) should be celebrated in a way that honors their commitment to their #SSFfamily.


This is a simple thank you. Because you were a part of our program for as long as you were, others were able to be shaped and molded by your #SSFLove. We are a better program for having you in it. From #SSFNewbie to #SSFAlum, this is for you.


In order to be processed in time for our End of Semester Banquets/Potlucks, please submit this form by November 1st for Fall graduates & April 1st for Spring/Summer graduates. If submitted past the deadline, you will recieve the medallion after your End of Semester celebration but before graduation. It will be your responsibility to follow-up with SSF Staff accordingly.


Please take some time to review the questions below thoughtfully. We encourage you to draft something up in another program, and once you are completely satisified with what you have written, please return to this form and submit it accordingly. We are thankful for you.



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