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  • I understand that it is my choice to park my vehicle on SSF property. Furthermore, I understand that SSF has limited parking available and there is no guarantee that a parking space will be available at all times. 
  • Parking may be restricted during home football games and other SSF events. Parking my vehicle on SSF property during restricted times WILL result in my vehicle being towed at my own expense.
  • It is my choice to obtain a parking decal for my vehicle. I will not hold SSF or any of it's representatives, responsible for any damages that may occur to my vehicle while on SSF property. 
  • The parking decal goes in the front, passenger side windshield, I understand that not having the decal in it's proper location, could result in my vheicle being towed at my expense. 
  • I may park in any space designated by white lines and asphalt, or railroad ties.
  • I may ONLY park on my designated house campus location, unless I live in one of the FAMU houses and attend FSU. 
  • I will not park or drive on the grass, patios, or sidewalks. This includes when I am unloading groceries or my personal belongings. 
  • Parking in an undesignated location could result in getting my vehicle towed at my expense.
  • NO loud music. I am not permitted to listen to my radio when I am not in the vehicle. This includes, but is not limtied to, sunbathing, washing my vehicle, or changing the oil. 
  • I understand that my parking decal and my GUEST PASS are separate items and used for different purposes.


  • I understand that I must re-register my vehicle with SSF EVERY YEAR that I am a resident. I understand that once I am no longer a resident of SSF, my decal is no longer valid. I have read and understand all the rules and resulations for parking on SSF property and will abide by them. I understand that violation of ANY SSF parking rule and regulation could result in getting my vehicle towed at my expense and potentially losing my parking privileges. 
Do you understand and acknowledge the terms and conditions detailed above?*
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In order to obtain my SSF Parking Decal, I must show the confirmation email I will recieve after submitting this form to the Office and provide the SSF Office with a copy of my driver's license & car insurance.

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